Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Strangle All the way to the Bank

2 GOOG OCT CALL 590 BTO 14.6 22:36:50 SLD 19.8 01:00:49
2 GOOG OCT PUT 580 BTO 14.7 22:36:51 SLD 10.0 01:00:44

Net profit: 95

2 GOOG OCT CALL 600 BTO 14.9 01:07:53 33.24% SLD 16.0 01:21:59 33.91%
2 GOOG OCT PUT 590 BTO 14.2 01:07:51 33.42% SLD 13.6 01:22:16 33.58%

Net profit: 94

Total net profit: 189

What is the best thing to do in a cRazy market? Well the best thing is to go for non-direction trade haha... Today is one of the best day to STRANGLE a stock. This is the first time i can take my strangle profit within a day or should i say within a few minutes. My second strangle only took me 15 minutes to make 100 bucks from 4 contracts which is very good.

IV play a major factor. The next coming stock that i will strangle is BIDU...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Defiant bull puts Dow at 14K

The market is going crankier as the day goes by. It is so hard to put a direction trade now. Bad news coming in today like citibank, UBS and even the manufacturing data come in BAD. Did the Bad news affect the market ? Well not at all. Today the market just skyrocket fuel by BAD news . This is absolutely crazy. It is so hard to do Momentum trading. I wonder when will the market become normal again. Maybe somebody can tell me what is happening in this market?

The only reason that i can think of is the underlying bullishness of the people. Many people want and predict that the fed will cut rate again. Thus many people just buy and buy and buy. Okay i shall wait till the market go bad to normal before i do anything stupid. Yesh i still hold on to my stupid BSC PUT and once it hit my level i will just cut lost and move on with it.

Let see what will happen during the 2nd half of the trading day. WELCOME TO THE CRANKY MARKET ...

Friday, September 21, 2007

No more Free newsletter on Trading

I amaze by how fast the free newsletter on trading is gone. I guess there are alot people sign up for their newsletter so they stop hiring google for advertising their newsletter. None the less, i upload a free internet marketing free newsletter for you guys to sign up.

Seriously you guys miss out the great opportunity to get the free newsletter on trading. I will still source for some serious stuff for you guys.


The future indicate that the market will open slightly bullish. With no news and earning today, I guess that the market will bullish first then maybe some profit will be taking place at the later part of the trading hour.
GS seem to be doing well as most of it business profit is outside US. GS has a large number of business in China so most of it profit come from the Asia country. Google likely to hit the 600 Mark soon. A long call seem to be a wise choice for Google. A long Call seem to be a wise choice too. =)

This is just my personal opinion so please do your due deligent.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Free Newsletter on Trading

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bad exit Trade Yet i still make Money

GOOG SEP 520 3 Call BOT 10.2 SLD 12,14,16
Net profit: 1187

GS OCT 190 1 Call BOT 7 SLD 13
Net profit: 600

Total Net profit: 1787

Argh!! im not very happy... i sold my GS call too freaking early ... if i can slow down by 1 minute, that will make me another 150 buck ... wao kao .... idiotic... it really shoot up till 200. Yesh!! and my call should have profit more. Actually i have another GS contract which is a Put. My strangle earn about 70 buck if i cut my put contract. I just leave it run cos at the most i will lose 60 buck only ... so if this is just the fed rally ... woohoo.. and GS drop back till 190 or 185 ... i will make both way.

Oh when i look at my GS call i just feel like vomiting ... argh!!! it run up to 200... geeZzz... i can make at least another 150 buck which mean even if my put become 0 i still will make from my strangle. Aww man ...

Okay... Well at least im not losing... =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scalp Google All the Way

GOOG SEP 520 3 Call +184
GOOG SEP 530 2 Put +106

GS SEP 190 1 Put -27.86

Total Net Profit: 262.14

Today is a very busy evening for me. This is the first time that i traded the whole trading hour in AKLTG(my part time working place). I work and scalp at the same time. I scalp 6 time and all are profitable. Actually i make 40 buck on GS and why does it show as a negative ? This is because i have another same put that i brought at a higher price yesterday. Well i'm very happy with my scalping performance today. Perfect Score. I traded Google up and down. I go for the 1 candle movement. I scalp on the 5th candle reversal. Very powerful and super accurate as i combine it with my minimun risk entry. I seem to trade better in a Flat day. Support and Resistance is the best indicator in a FLAT DAY. Tomorrow will be another tired day for me but im looking forward to it. Wealth Academy will start tomorrow. See ya Guys. Happy Trading. :D